Thanks to my fellow trekkers for sharing the awe and wonder. The good food, drink and travelers' tales didn't hurt, either.

Leia Hartje takes a well-deserved quaff on the Condor Trail, Morgan Territory Regional Preserve.

Mark denBroeder enjoys the late-spring breeze along the Clyma Trail, Morgan Territory Regional Preserve.

Chris Erickson gets rooted beneath a coast redwood on the Steep Ravine Trail, Mt. Tamalpais State Park.

Lisa and Brian Kovach relax in the placid grandeur of Muir Woods.

New Year's Day, 2016: From left, Jim Cooper, Scott Williams, Carol Alderdice and Stephen Joseph commandeer a chilly vista on Black Diamond's Kreiger Peak (elevation 1,894’).

Masato and Yoko Suzuki grin and bear the trudge up North Peak Trail, Mt. Diablo.

Jacqueline Lasahn catches a woodland star at Briones Regional Park.

Eddie Willis explains Native American cosmology at Vasco Caves Regional Preserve.

Carolyn Victoria settles into the full lotus on Devil's Pulpit, Mt. Diablo.

Dillon Louderback and Corinne Sue Grimes check out the 360º vista atop Round Valley.

Scott Persson points out a Native American grinding stone off-trail in Los Vaqueros Watershed.

Kathy Schwartz savors a spring morning on the Round Valley summit.

Jim Reese inspects the coastal flora on a hillside at Mt. Tamalpais State Park.

Bob Doyle and Tina Batt soak in the spring sunlight in Murphy Meadow, Round Valley Regional Preserve.

Beth Witrogen gets ready to rock the rock climb.

Mike Moran leads a Raptor Baseline expedition at Big Break Regional Shoreline.

Tony Salinaro takes a breather – not that he ever needs one – on a foggy December morning at Sunol Regional Wilderness.

Austin Cook sizes up a shot atop Round Valley's Coyote Ridge.

Margaret and Paul Hara stalk the auroras near Fairbanks, Alaska. Photo by Ronn Murray.

Chris Galiza and Deb Janis catch their breath after taking the steep shortcut to the Round Valley summit.

Susan Anderson, Phil Anderson and Jeremy Patlen go truckin' down the Condor Trail at Morgan Territory Regional Preserve.

Eloine Chapman finds an ergonomically satisfying rock atop Round Valley.

Kenny Koch enters Mt. Diablo's Falls Trail.

Hiker hound JD surveys the scenery at Black Diamond Mines.